Thursday, February 10, 2011

Big Murph Interviews Author/NY1 News Anchor Women Cheryl Wills

During Black History Month I had the Honor of interviewing Author and NY1 News Anchor Woman Cheryl Wills about her new book titled "DIE FREE" this is the interview i did with her, please be reminded this is just a portion of what went on that night inside the Hue Man book store in Harlem NYC. I want to thank everyone who had a part in making this possible for us to talk to Cheryl. Emanuel it was a pleasure to meet you an listen to such a great group of singers (including yourself) The Ensemble of Praize.

     Im asking everyone to please go out and support Cheryl Wills by purchasing a copy of the book at We are looking forward to sitting down and talking to Cheryl again to follow up on her next project that see spoke about during her reading. Please enjoy the interview and we welcome your comments. You can get information by logging on to

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  1. This book is must read, for The African American Family!!!!We don't know enough about our history.The present,past and future,this will give them understanding of what The Negro Family when through during those days!!!!To my sister Cheryl Willis. Thank you for sharing!!! Keith